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Hi welcome to my website about real estate. I am going to be talking to you today about the best real estate marketing tips out there in the world. These things should help you and your business. The best thing about all this stuff is that we really like what we’re doing. Amber really actually very good at it. Marketing into thousand 14 has really changed a lot from what it was even 10 years ago. 10 years ago you could just do whatever you wanted and you probably be able to have some sort of success. Now, you really have to know a lot about technology. To put it bluntly, you really have to be a tech nerd a marketing nerd and a real estate agent. That’s not easy.

Our goal here is to make this easier for you.

Sites are very complicated thing. Especially for real estate agents. You have to worry about MLS syncing with your site. How embarrassing would it be if none of your actual homes that you were trying to sell were on your website? The real estate agent in your area would probably be really concerned about you. This is not a good thing. Websites are not easy to real estate agent. Selling without a website is really even harder. We have to do a lot of things with our websites that other businesses just to not have to deal with. The goal of this website is to make this easier for you to manage. There are a lot of things to manage it owning a small business, and that’s really what you are. A business owner. In business owner should not have to struggle with websites. But we sometimes do not have the capabilities of outsourcing it like other business owners would. So we have to manage it ourselves and be a business owner. That means we have to think about technology and website from the perspective of not knowing what to do. This creates a fundamental problem that is hard to remedy. But our goal is to make websites that make it easier for you.

So we’re going to review a whole bunch of different options to make marketing easier for real estate agents. Marketing for Real Estate Agents should be simple but yet has to be complicated enough to be better than your competitions marketing. You have to be better than them in order to get the first contact with all the buyers and sellers in the marketplace. In today’s world, getting in front of these people first can meet the entire difference in the sale this means that you really really really actually need to go out there and be found very easily on the web percent of people are out there searching for the stuff on the web. Even their dogs are searching for the stuff on the web.

In short, marketing is a real estate brokerage agency or individual agent has really changed over the past few. It’s no longer about just being the best or being in front of the right people are all the connections people often don’t respond to those types of things anymore. They want to do their own individual research on the Internet by themselves and not be swayed by individual unions or your personal relationship.

They would rather someone anonymously on the web tell them that you’re the best agent in town. This means your website has to reflect that you have to have the best website that’s very hard for real estate agents because of the complexity actually have with all the MLS information and technical jargon about having right now sites and also other website plus you have pins like SCO other forms of marketing to make it even more difficult.

If it would be for an agent to market themselves effectively on the web and then go out there and market themselves in person it’s almost too much of a task. You need to outsource this, but often don’t have the financial means of those creates a fundamental problem.

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